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Quality and Environmental Management Policy

PROTON NEW ENERGY FUTURE SL – PROTON is a specialist in engineering and value solutions for energy efficiency, with expertise in photovoltaic energy applications. PROTON has developed a Management System applicable to all projects and activities carried out within the organization. The scope of the management system is as follows: “Carrying out studies of electricity generation from solar energy and the turnkey projects of photovoltaic installations.” The Quality / Environmental Management Policy of PROTON encompasses the following general principles:
  1. Ensure customer satisfaction by providing services in accordance with the agreed-upon requirements and those established by the organization, in addition to legal or regulatory requirements affecting the activities conducted, particularly those related to the safety and health of its workers and interaction with the environment.
  2. Formulate strategies that take into account customer satisfaction, ensure the safety and health of workers, incorporate the best available technology to minimize environmental impacts, and promote energy efficiency and the utilization of renewable energies and surplus energy from the organization or third parties.
  3. Adopt a process-based Quality Management System, as proposed by ISO 9001, with the intention of establishing a systematic approach that enhances a culture of “continuous improvement” and integrating compliance with ISO 14001 into our activities, aiming to provide services with the least environmental impact and the best energy efficiency possible.
  4. Establish objectives and make a particular effort to ensure the protection of people, equipment, and productive processes, with special attention to controlling environmental aspects and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
  5. Regularly review the management systems to facilitate continuous improvement.
  6. Promote the cooperation, involvement, and training of team members to achieve set objectives and have a direct impact on the services provided or their environmental footprint.
  7. Permanently evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated Quality and Environmental Management System to ensure its future usefulness and the company’s consolidation.
  8. Identify and assess environmental and energy aspects to control, prevent, and minimize them. This will require proper planning of occupational health and environmental preventive activities, as well as the proper maintenance of facilities.
  9. Promote and ensure equal opportunities for women and men in all aspects of PROTON’s management and promote decision-making and actions in line with effective equal opportunities.
  10. PROTON promotes honesty, integrity, and impartiality in all aspects of its business, conducting them in strict compliance with applicable legislation at both the national and international levels. Therefore, we always act based on anti-corruption criteria, against money laundering, fair competition, data confidentiality, compliance with Public Authorities, compliance with International Trade, and the proper treatment of privileged information.
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