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Promoting and implementing energy solutions through new technologies and innovation to foster energy transition, enhancing sustainability and people's well-being.

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Energy Consulting

At Protón Future, we offer a comprehensive photovoltaic energy consulting service, analyzing and designing the project tailored to your needs, prioritizing customer relations, including innovation in proposals, and seeking financing. Want to learn more?

Photovoltaic Projects

Supply and construction of photovoltaic projects. We focus our efforts on a thorough project definition to mitigate uncertainties and thus reduce construction time.

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360º Maintenance

Our team will accompany you at every stage of the journey, monitoring and anticipating any incidents, and addressing any unforeseen issues to always ensure your peace of mind.

And now that you know our services

Discover our solutions to accelerate the energy transition.

Photovoltaic roof

We offer comprehensive photovoltaic installations for environmentally conscious businesses. Our smart approach saves energy and promotes renewable generation. We guarantee quality in installation and maintenance with leading suppliers. Our “Turnkey” offer ensures sustainable savings and reduces environmental impact. We only work with panels that have the PVCYCLE seal. Find out more here
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Solar facade

Custom photovoltaic glass for buildings seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Our solar panels for facades combine aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly integrating into any orientation to maximize sunlight. Enhance the aesthetics of your building and embrace the energy transformation with our solar facade solution. Discover the possibilities of color, transparency, and efficiency we offer. fachada solar. Descubre las posibilidades de color, transparencia y eficiencia que ofrecemos.

Discover the possibilities of color transparency efficiency we offer here here


Improve the thermal insulation of your building and harness all the energy from the sun.

Electric vehicle charger

Offer energy to your workers and visitors who need it. As an environmentally friendly company, prepare for sustainable mobility by installing the electric vehicle chargers. Semi-fast charging for employees and visitors, supporting a cleaner and more sustainable future. Reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality in industrial areas. Driving towards a greener tomorrow starts here.

Smart Renewable Parking

If the energy for electric vehicle chargers does not yet come from renewable sources, integrate solar canopies to turn parking spaces into green spaces.

We believe the future of energy is generating electricity at the same point of consumption, to reduce energy transportation costs and management of the same.
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Let's talk about our values

In PROTON FUTURE, we act to contribute to the Energy Transition. For this reason, we have officially subscribed to the United Nations pact, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals from the core of our company. We bet on innovation, commitment, and responsibility.